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Alumina Bubble Bricks are for applications up to 1800°C/3270°F. These bricks have excellent insulating properties and high hot strengths. Bubble alumina bricks are made with tiny hollow insulating spheres made from high-purity alumina (also called bubble alumina). Alumina does not exhibit high thermal conductivity, and when in the form of hollow spheres, its thermal conductivity is additionally reduced. Both properties make Bubble Alumina brick an excellent insulating material that can withstand exceptionally high temperatures. Typical applications for Bubble alumina bricks include gas or electrically heated kilns and furnaces, and glass making industries.

The insulating firebrick (IFB) that contains high-alumina bubbles are often used as the working lining in ceramic kilns, backup linings in gasifiers for coal and petroleum coke, gas/oil (with heavy residue feed stock), and industrial waste. These IFBs are also used in hazardous waste and fluorine processing incinerators, hydrogen generators, auto thermal reactors for methanol production, and ammonia reformers.

High-purity alumina hollow insulating spheres are designed to withstand high temperatures and demanding environments. These bubbles themselves are an important component in refractories used for many different applications, including insulation of kiln brick and ceramic tile linings in gas turbines, backup linings in reactors, and working linings in manufacturing high-purity quartz for the electronics industry. Contact KT Refractories for Alumina Bubble as refractory raw material.

Alumina Bubble Brick Specs





Classification temperature (°C) 1800°C/3270°F
Bulk Density (g/cm3) 1.65 Max 1.55
Cold Crushing Strength (kg/cm2) 100 Min 150
Thermal Conductivity (W/mK) at 350°C - 0.9
Reheat shrinkage (1,700°C*8 hours, %) - 0.06
Chemical Composition (%) Al2O3 98.0 Min 99.2
SiO2 - 0.3
Fe2O3 0.5 Max 0.2